About Us


When Noora Alikhan Bauer, the label’s founder & designer, tells us it was coffee that was her inspiration, it didn’t come as much of a surprise. Known as the girl with a mug as an appendage, it seemed only natural that it would not only be her fuel but her muse. Coffee can be energizing yet soothing at the same time and NOOSH dresses reflect just that.  Noora’s creations aim to help the wearer feel pretty, confident and natural.  Looking good should come naturally- a view she takes on fashion herself, saying “I never wear anything that looks obviously ‘put together’.”

“Casual doesn’t have to be boring, and dressed up doesn’t have to look fussy.”

“I want what I’m wearing to stand out, but I’d hate to look like I’m TRYING to stand out!”

While the design process may all start with a cup of coffee, we learned the NOOSH aesthetic was inspired by the beautiful colours on the streets of Florence.  Noora spent time studying, cooking and painting in Florence, Italy (after she graduated with a BA in Int’l Relations), where she found herself sketching dresses over caffe lattes most of the time! She then started designing clothes for herself and received an impressive feedback.  To further this passion, Noora took courses from London College of Fashion and then came NOOSH, May 29th 2011.

“We want someone to feel that quiet excitement you get dreaming up all the places and occasions you can wear your new dress.”

“There are almost no pieces in the collection you couldn’t wear to brunch with your BFF and keep on through the day till night. That was especially important to us because it is exactly what we felt was missing in our (albeit over stuffed) wardrobe”.

We open up NOOSH LookBooks which looks like a gift in itself as it even has ribbons on them!  NOOSH:  It’s all about the loving details.

“…smooth lines, sometimes with a frothy sleeve or a bubbly embellishment.  But I like to keep things simple, and flattering, and WEARABLE. The real fun part?  Luscious texture.  And luscious, luscious colour.”

We’d have to agree.  The dresses feel just as good on the inside as they look on the outside!  The detailing as well as the embellishments brought home as beautiful memories from trips to Italy, is always used sparingly- which makes it just that much more precious.

“Little luxuries. From soft linings to a beautifully unique dress bag… I want someone to feel the love we put in all the details.”

Noora is a girl who is unapologetically feminine while being no non-sense about what she wants.  We’re left with a clear sense of her distinctive style as well as the personal happiness infused into every single loving detail.

Happy Loving NOOSH.

We feel it.

"Little luxuries. From soft linings to a beautifully unique dress bag... I want someone to feel the love we put in all the details."

noosh coffee mug